Customer Loyalty

Drive Customer Loyalty with Predictive Insights

A 5% increase in customer retention correlates with at least a 25% increase in profit. 

Identify at-risk customers, take action to retain them, and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Identify at-risk customers

Identify the risk of inactivity and reactivation strategies through predictive models. 

Segment customers 

Identify customer segments that can be tapped to enhance loyalty registration by using store, geo and customer level segmentation and response models. 

Predict Cross-sell/Up-sell

Understand customer lifestyle and life stage segmentation to develop context specific cross-sell offers.

Predict Churn

Leverage traditional transaction data and non-traditional data to build models to predict churn. Use real-time triggers to identify customers who are likely to churn immediately. 

The Buyer’s Guide to Experience Management Platform

(Checklist included)

Your customers engage with your brand on different channels. The majority of interactions they have with your brand do not result in a purchase. 

Voxco Intelligence collects and draws predictive insights from multiple customer interactions and delivers them to the right people and systems so you can:

✔ Drive more accurate forecasts about their future needs 

✔ Offer a personalized customer experience tailored to their expectations

✔ Recommend the right products or services at the right time 

✔ Build strong brand loyalty

Impactful Customer Analytics

Identify pain-points, anticipate future needs, and stay ahead of your customers’ expectations.

Customer 360

Get an integrated view of all your customers across transactions, interaction, feedback, social, etc. to understand their behavior and patterns.

Predictive Insights

Voxco Intelligence’s predictive analytics capabilities help you rapidly test hypotheses, predict future customer behavior, and discover what they are doing before, after, and within their journeys. 

Sentiment Analytics

Measuring customer satisfaction across their lifecycle and predicting customer churn is crucial to boosting customer retention. With sentiment analysis and NPS dashboard, Voxco Intelligence helps you assess customer satisfaction levels, so you can take preventive actions in real-time and drive customer retention.

Role-based Alerts

Deliver relevant, real-time insights to the right people with role-based dashboards for every person from leaders to the frontline workers. Voxco Intelligence’s comprehensive role-based alerts and action planning tools help position your staff to take predictive action with at-risk customers.

Customer engagement strategies to boost loyalty

Build a Dedicated Customer Loyalty Strategy

With Voxco Intelligence’s sentiment analysis, NPS dashboard, and integrated data sources, you can build a dedicated customer loyalty strategy for your company. Add new touchpoints, systems, and features to streamline unlimited amounts of data.